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Our Story

Who doesn’t like to travel?  Unless you are afraid of heights or that you get car or sea sick otherwise, what reasons would make you not want to travel at least once in a life time?

Life is short and the world is big, too big for us to bound ourselves from work and busy city life life a prisoner.  Whether it is taking the flight outside the country or just going somewhere at the country side.  It’s always about giving ourselves a little treat, an escape for fresh air or a place to  chill so that we can carry on with our ordinary life.  Yes, sigh….we know.  Sometimes its just isn’t easy.  Having to find the time and spear cash to for a trip.  And yes, we know how expensive things could get.  And we certainly understand what it feels like to be homesick.

Here at Net Go Travel, we seek to delivery you a while new travelling experiences.  Stay tuned and let us go travel together over the net.