Okinawa, Japan

Yes, Okinawa is part of Japan, but a different side of Japan. Okinawa has an area of approximately 1,200 square kilometers and is made up of a few dozen, small islands in the southern half of the Nansei Shoto island chain, which stretches over 1,000 kilometers from Japan’s Kyushu island to Taiwan.



Tourists to Okinawa totaled 9,396,200 in 2017, up 9.1 percent from a year earlier, on the back of an increase in cruise trips making port calls from East Asia and new direct flights connecting Okinawa to other areas in Japan and abroad in recent years.  So what’s so special about Okinawa?  Let’s check it out!

What makes Okinawa so appealing, I would say is the sea that the island is surrounded by.  The are just much to do in summer and I guarantee that bring your kids there will be a life time memory!  And for me, this is what I planned for my partner’s birthday in early Sep – a road trip!  Take it as reference and I hope you will enjoy your next trip to Okinawa


Day 1

To save time, we took the morning flight (yes, you do need to get up 04:00AM in the morning).

It takes approximately 2 hours and 15 mins going to Hong Kong to Okinawa.  We landed spot on at 11:05AM.  However, since it was peak season, we spend around 30 mins to collect the car that we booked.

By the time we collected the rental car, it is way pass lunch time and we were STARVING!  Now, the variety of seafood at the Tomari Market isn’t a great if you compare to those is Osaka, but it was good enough for us!

Our next stop, boy!  Was a great experience – Powered Paragliding!  I assure you, this is one of the most exciting air activity!  It’s approximately 9,000 YEN per head.  Yes, it sounds a bit expensive but as soon as you have your feet back on ground, you’d want pay to go for your second!

Friendly reminder:  If you were to drive, make sure you have enough sleep!



Day 2

 Churaumi Aquarium Museum


Weather in Japan was rather chaotic, so sadly our booking to the Whale Shark watching + Blue Cave Scuba Diving program got cancelled.  We made our way to our next stop to the Churaumi Aquarium Museum and it was magnificent!  If you have kids, it is a must go for sure!

Entrance Fee:

  • Adult – 1,850 YEN
  • High School Students – 1,230 YEN
  • Elementary/Junior – 610 YEN
  • Children under 6 – Free!


Day 3

Ryuku Onsen Senagajima Hotel

Third day of our trip was rather relaxing – mainly sight seeing.  But what I want to introduce is here is the Ryuku Onsen Senagajima Hotel!  Located on an outer island surrounded by clear blue sea, it has the best sea view ever!



Day 4


Second to last day of our trip, we were lucky enough to Scuba Diving!  It was the first time to go Scuba Diving for both of us so we were super excited!  Weather was nice and the water was just right to go swimming with fishies!





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