My visit to Kantō, Japan

In recent years, Japan’s road trip tour has become more and more popular. The reason is very simple, Japan offers a perfect transportation package, and this character allows Hong Kong people to travel freely on the road without pressure, Drivers can enjoy the pleasure of driving. Today we will introduce you to the Guandong County’s self-driving attractions.


Route Recommendation

First stop: Lake Chuzenji

You will be amazed with the natural scenery that Lake Chūzenji has to offer!  For those of you who love photo shooting, you would not want to miss this spot.  Here, I would like to share with you the most ideal locations to photo shoot.

Lake Chuzenji


The Yudaki Waterfall

It gushes out gallons of water every second, going down a steep vertical cliff forming the source of multiple Yu-Reiver that runs all the way down to the Lake Chuzenji.  Listening to the sound of water hitting against the rocks while running it’s way down the stream, the splashing sound that it makes is something not to be missed especially if you find that this kind of natural sound relaxes your mind then, do stop by!

Yukaki Waterfall


Location:  Yumoto, Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1662, Japan

Telephone:  +81-288-55-0360


Second Stop:  Coffee House Yukon

9.7 kilometers away from the Yudaki Waterfall – that’s approximately 20mins drive, there is a cafe “Coffee House Yukon”.  This local cafe is surrounded by woods and which sits off the road facing the Lake Chuzenji.  For coffaholics, this is heaven for sure!


Coffee House Yukon


Location:  〒321-1661 Tochigi Prefecture, Nikko, Chugushi, 2482

Telephone:  +81 288-51-0001


Is there anywhere good to stay?  The answer is yes, I’d recommend the Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel. 8 mins drive from Coffee House Yukon, is a 4.5 star hotel that offers you a comfort stay.  The hotel is covered by a large area of trees the gives a spectacular view in autumn.  And YES!  The hotel sits right in front Lake Chuzenji so it gives the most stunning view of the lakeside.  The room was clean and the small balcony would enable lodgers to see the beautiful environment direct. Highly recommended.


Third Stop:  This is not just a place to stay

Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel is an official hotel of Kanaya Hotel, situated near the shore of the Lake Chuzenjiko.  Okunikko is popular among Japanese tourists for its breathtaking scenic beauty of four seasons and calmness.  The hotel is located right by the lake, waking up every morning with the magnificent view is OMG!  While provides access to onsen, so there you go, you have all the reasons to release your stress.


Location:  〒321-1661 Tochigi Prefecture, Nikko

Telephone:  +81 288-51-0001


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