How about going on a cruise ship?

Earlier on we introduced you to Okinawa, Japan.  Like travelling to any other destinations, buy ticket, book your accommodation, plan your route, pack your bags and go!  But have you ever thought of going on a cruise ship?  Going on a cruise ship is a fantastic experience, on the journey you can enjoy the sun, fancy the ocean scenery and appreciate what nature has brought upon us.

Yes, before we go any further…make sure you won’t get sea sick.  And here is are the several points for you to make note of:


Be sure that you won’t get sea sick


Not everyone will get sea sick and since the cruise ship is well equipped with a stabilizing system.  However, if you are worried about getting dizzy or sea sick, I would  recommended to bring sufficient medicine.  Worse case scenario, there is a doctor on the cruise to take care of you.


Can you live without the internet?


Yes,  but prepare to pay a fortune! The cruise uses satellite networks to receive signals.  So don’t expect the connection will be very stable just because you are willing to pay for it.  On average $1 (USD) per minuet.


What do I need to get on board?


Be sure you have your valid ID Card, Password and Visa (if required).   In terms of baggage, there are basically no restrictions. Bring whatever you need for your journey and cruise staff member will make consignment arrangements.



What’s there to do on the cruise?

People says that cruise holiday is very dull.  How does it compared with going on a flight?

cruise-ship.jpgThe are countless activities available nowadays on a cruise ship.  It takes around 5 days to travel by sea from Hong Kong to Okinawa.  On a cruise ship there are water activities, group activities such as mini-golf, rock climbing, Ice Skating, Shows/Night Shows etc.  If you don’t enjoy any of the mentions, how about take five days off and just enjoy your vacation, rest and chill.

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